Nicolas Distefano

6 Years Video Game Industry Veteran





Serious, hard-working person. Likes to involve himself in every project, whether it’s related to school, work or life in general. Appreciates the little details and simplicity in everything.

Has experience at trade shows all around the world including E3, gamescom, PAX & Tokyo Game Show. Looking forward to talking to you!

Curriculum vitae

You can find my latest curriculum vitae here : English Version


Professional Work

A Video Game

Ubisoft Montreal Studio – April 2019 to Present


Production CoordinatorApril 2019 to Present

A new chapter in my career is starting. Stay tuned…!

For Honor

Ubisoft Montreal Studio – May 2013 to April 2019


Gameplay ProgrammerJanuary 2017 to April 2019

My work consisted of supporting the live team after the game’s launch, deliver quality-of-life improvements in the game as well as develop new gameplay systems for the new “Breach” game mode and other seasonal in-game events (example the “For Honor Assassin’s Creed” crossover event) by using C++, C#, WPF & MVVM technologies. Here are a few examples of gameplay systems I’ve developed: encourage the use of microtransactions (example a digital store bundle preview where you see exactly what you are buying on your character), create new feedback events that play on characters/NPCs depending on specific conditions, implemented online tracking to help game designers analyze player behaviours and ultimately balance the game modes, etc. I’ve also participated and contributed in validation meetings where decisions were taken related to live game events and new features we could ship to the players. One of the most important task I was given was to implement an automated test framework in the engine that would run games at night to help us test the stability of sessions, find bugs and fix other performance issues in our game.

Some of the best moments were participating in debriefs of game sessions: we would constantly play what we were developing and then discuss possible solutions/improvements with game designers and other team members.

Game Tools ProgrammerMay 2013 to January 2017

My work consisted of developing new user interfaces and tools for Ubisoft’s game production tool, “Anvil”, by using C#, WPF, MVVM & C++ technologies. I implemented user interfaces created by myself, making sure they were more user-friendly. I also collaborated with other tools programmers within the studio to upgrade our pipeline work.

I was also invited as a demoist to multiple events around the world during the game’s production. It was a great opportunity to see the players’ reactions & listen to their feedback based on what they played at these events. Those were great opportunities that’s for sure!

Video Game Projects

Game Editors

Revolver Game Editor2014 to now


With my experience as a tools programmer during the majority of For Honor’s production, I have started work on a game editor that will be used to create future game projects. Why? The framework used in the editor allows the team to always add new modules on-the-fly. This is as designed and necessary because the industry keeps changing and evolving. It will also allow us to break the mold of indie game development and go beyond what everyone’s doing (i.e. using pre-made editors). It is an ambitious project!

The editor implements many things at the moment:

  • Dirty file system;
  • Real-time editing;
  • File versioning of the big data (for easy & quick iterations);
  • Multiple editors that fit the needs of our current game:
    • Fight Editor;
    • Conversation Editor;
    • Feedback Editor;
    • Behavior Tree Editor;
    • Entity Creator;
    • and more! (more to come as well).

Game Projects

Game 12013 to now


Work in progress… I’ll post more information about it soon. We have a website:

Personal Projects


Fan-made “The Legend of Zelda” websitesEarly 2000s

I created and maintained two websites based on The Legend of Zelda video game series (the first one from 2000 to 2001 and the second one from 2003 to 2005). The first one was called Hylian Temple and the second one Zelda Ultimate. The latter was hosted by one of the most prestigious TLOZ websites at the time:!

I researched information to include on every page. I also coded and tested the functionality of the Web pages as well. Zelda Ultimate had a phpBB message board that I modified to fit in the web site’s style & colors.

I also did a lot of graphic design and designed the layout of the websites.

Graphic Design

2D spritework2002 to 2005


I created 2D sprites to be used in video game development (more specifically characters & environments). You can find a complete collection here!

Video Game Development

Gradius Omega2005 to 2006


This video game was made by my brother, Antonio Jr Distefano. I helped supervising and testing a few of the features in the game, mainly the coop aspect of the game. I also helped with some of the spritework! A video of the game can be found here!

RPG Maker stuff

I did a bunch of RPG Maker games, like anyone else really! Nothing impressive, but I learned how to use the editor and create/design/test levels and certain features that were very rare to see in RPG Maker games (example: mini-games, Earthbound-like enemy encounters with intuitive triggers, etc.).

Video Editing

Gaming YouTube channel


I have a gaming YouTube channel where I post impressive video game playthroughs called “superplays” and “speedruns.” In my early videos, I conceived and applied a unique style in each of the videos. I even added custom background music! Looking at them today, I’m not sure I approve of this idea…! Still, it was mostly a pretext to learn how to use many of the video editing tools that were out there (ex.: Adobe Premiere & Sony Vegas). You can find a link to it here!

Personal YouTube channel


I also have a personal YouTube channel where I post lifestyle, travel logs and other stuff! I record the videos with a clear idea in mind and edit them with Adobe Premiere CS5 or simply Movie Maker that comes with my Samsung Galaxy S10+ phone! You can find a link to it here!