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Travel Logs: Japan Trip (2019)

Travel Logs: Japan Trip (2019) Prologue: Journey to the North If you have projects in mind, don’t wait until it’s too late to accomplish them. In my case, it’s that time of the year again: I’m taking a week off to visit Japan! There’s something that makes me come back to this beautiful country every year. It’ll be my third time now. It’s probably the mountains, the castles, the food … Continue readingTravel Logs: Japan Trip (2019)

Travel Logs: Los Angeles (2019)

Be where you want to be. Dive into my adventures in LA and discover behind-the-scenes looks of E3 and even more! This time around, it’ll be a little bit more personal and maybe you’ll discover a new aspect of my personality! This year’s ride is going to be wild, enjoy! ✈ June 9th: Here We Go Again! We’ve finally arrived in LA! The first thing we did was get to … Continue readingTravel Logs: Los Angeles (2019)

Travel Logs: San Francisco (2019)

This week I’m in San Francisco for this year’s Game Developers Conference! I can’t wait to connect with colleagues and learn more about our great industry! I will also visit the city, you know how I roll! I have a few things on my bucket list, can you guess some of the locations I will visit? I can’t wait to share photos & video logs with you all! 🇺🇸✌ March … Continue readingTravel Logs: San Francisco (2019)

Events: Montreal Game Jam 2019

Montreal Game Jam 2019 happened this weekend! Teams of talented and motivated individuals had one task: create a video game prototype based on a given theme! The theme this year was “What home means to you.” It was tough, but everyone made it! For this year’s edition, I was a mentor and member of the jury. I’ve played a lot of awesome game prototypes this weekend and was surprised by … Continue readingEvents: Montreal Game Jam 2019

Events: MEGA 2018 – Montreal Expo Gaming Arcade

The Montreal Expo Gaming Arcade was back at Bonsecours Market this year! It got even bigger and better! The event took place from Friday to Sunday. Last year’s first iteration was very good! I got to play a lot of local indie game developers’ games! Again this year, at the venue you can find an event hall as well as a Multi area. The Multi was the place to relax … Continue readingEvents: MEGA 2018 – Montreal Expo Gaming Arcade

Life in Montreal: Montreal Insectarium at the Montreal Botanical Garden!

Last weekend, I was visiting the Montreal Botanical Garden and while I was there I decided to visit the Insectarium! It’s been a while, the last time I’ve been there was during a school trip! I saw a bunch of different and very beautiful insects! The Insectarium is divided into different areas covering insects from all regions of the world. You go through the tropical forest insects to the desert … Continue readingLife in Montreal: Montreal Insectarium at the Montreal Botanical Garden!

Events: Montreal Botanical Garden & Gardens of Light 2018

I love autumn. It’s my favorite season of the year, not only because my birthday is in October, but because this is also the time where trees are the most beautiful with their brightly-colored leaves! There is no proper time than now to go visit the Montreal Botanical Garden! Turns out there is also the Gardens of Light event happening this year. where some sections of the garden become illuminated … Continue readingEvents: Montreal Botanical Garden & Gardens of Light 2018

Travel Logs: Japan Trip (2018)

My second trip to Japan starts now! My first trip was nice, but as you can already guess, it was not enough! I’m taking a week off to properly visit some of the areas I did not have the time to go to last time. This includes Nara, Hiroshima, Miyajima & Osaka! Japan is very beautiful and it’s worth showing its beauty to the world. As usual, I will be … Continue readingTravel Logs: Japan Trip (2018)

Events: DreamHack Montreal 2018

If you’re a fan of video game competitions, the place to be in Montreal this last weekend was at DreamHack! For three days, starting September 7 to 9, the event took place at the Olympic Stadium. There was a lot going on over there! Video game tournaments as well as booths to play video games were present, and much more! If you want, you can also buy tickets that allow … Continue readingEvents: DreamHack Montreal 2018

Travel Logs: Germany Trip (2018)

I have the privilege to be in Germany for the next week and a half and I thought I’d share some of the highlights of my trip! Cologne First stop is Cologne, with its most important monument being the Kölner Dom, aka the Cologne Cathedral! It is really hard to take a nice picture of the whole thing because it’s huge and tall! Other great spots to visit are “places,” … Continue readingTravel Logs: Germany Trip (2018)