I love autumn. It’s my favorite season of the year, not only because my birthday is in October, but because this is also the time where trees are the most beautiful with their brightly-colored leaves! There is no proper time than now to go visit the Montreal Botanical Garden! Turns out there is also the Gardens of Light event happening this year. where some sections of the garden become illuminated at night! The event takes place from September 7 to October 31.

Before the event, I visit the garden while the sun is still up. I visit the Chinese garden first, where giant floats and Chinese-themed structures can be found. It was very beautiful, and it also reminded me of the times I’ve visited the place when I was still in primary school! During the Gardens of Light event, all of the floats are illuminated and it’s a perfect moment to take photos as you can see perfect reflections on the water. It’s a magnificent sight!

A bit further down the path is the First Nations garden, where you can rediscover the culture of America’s first inhabitants. During the Gardens of Light event, there is a special presentation called the Circle of Light, where sections of the trees become illuminated with different colors. Sounds of animals and sometimes thunder can be heard as well!

The other garden that I visit is the Japanese garden. The Japanese philosophy of landscaping is showcased here. You can admire Koi carps swimming under the bridge and the lantern that is looking over the beautiful pond. During the Gardens of Light event, lights illuminate the pond. There is also a cultural pavilion where you can learn more about the culture of Japan and its many different areas. Hiroshima is the city that is showcased there, and I felt a little something inside considering I just came back from visiting this city a few weeks ago!

I also visit the other sections of the garden to really take a look at the fall foliage. I couldn’t have asked for a better view, it was very relaxing.

This is it for my visit to the Montreal Botanical Garden. If you’re interested, the Gardens of Light event is still going until October 31. Don’t miss it, it’s worth the price of admission!