Be where you want to be. Dive into my adventures in LA and discover behind-the-scenes looks of E3 and even more! This time around, it’ll be a little bit more personal and maybe you’ll discover a new aspect of my personality! This year’s ride is going to be wild, enjoy! ✈

June 9th: Here We Go Again!

We’ve finally arrived in LA! The first thing we did was get to the Los Angeles Convention Center to get our badge for E3. Turns out it only opened at 1 PM, so instead we went to the Microsoft Theater to try and get inside the annual press conference.

I waited at a stand-by line (because I never get officially invited, sigh), but everyone got in just a few minutes after the start of the show! I had nice seats and a good view of everything.

The games I was the most excited for were Borderlands 3 and Halo Infinite. Also I cannot forget about Keanu! I can’t wait to hear and see more about Project Scarlett. Next stop: the PC Gaming Show!

June 10th: Sometimes it be Like That

The schedule for today is simple: go to the PC Gaming Show and then the Ubisoft Conference. The PC Gaming Show took place at the Mayan Theater. It was a lot better than last year’s show that’s for sure! I’ve wanted to hear more about Baldur’s Gate III, but sadly we didn’t get more information! There were some surprises here and there, like Yu Suzuki appearing on stage and Shenmue III being announced as a Epic Games Store exclusive. Chivalry II was also another surprise!

And then… the next thing that was supposed to happen did not happen. I was supposed to go to the Ubisoft Conference. Sadly, I did not get in despite contacting certain people. I was told it was out of their control. Ubisoft also don’t do standby lines… so yeah. That’s how it works I suppose and I understand completely, but being a developer at that company and not being able to celebrate our games live in LA is very disappointing (and not the first time either).

It’s alright though, I just went to visit Chinatown and ate some comfort food. Next stop: the actual E3 show starts!

June 11th: Let the Show Begin!

E3 2019 has officially started! We actually got our industry badge and waited in line to go play my next favorite game! One of the benefits of an industry badge is that for the first two days of the showfloor, you can arrive 2 hours earlier than people with gamer badges.

I took this advantage to head straight to the Square Enix booth to try the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo! It was fantastic, I love the changes they’ve incorporated while staying true to the game’s legacy. I can’t wait to play more of it at Tokyo Game Show this year.

After that, what I usually do is walk around the halls just to get a good view of all the booths and possible games I want to try. As usual, the Nintendo booth caught my eyes and I saw The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. I had to absolutely play it so I went to the standby line. It was a big line, but not as bad as I’ve expected. The cool thing about Nintendo’s booth this year is that they give you a Game Passport. With that, you can play 5 games once you get inside their booth. I spent all my afternoon in there.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening was beautiful. It’s exactly the same game that we all know, but there are many surprises. For example, you can put markers on your map to remind you of spots you’ll need to check out later. Also, I had to, but yes you can steal stuff from the merchant! The exhibitor there had no idea this was a thing!

After playing Zelda, I’ve played Hollow Knight: Silksong. It’s as great as ever. After that, being an Epic Games Creator myself and a fan of Dauntless, I had to try it out on Switch! If you’ve played the PS4 version, it runs basically the same. I expect a few tweaks before release. One big surprise to me was Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. I’ve played the previous games with friends before. It is some good old 4 players couch co-op gaming! There is a special move called “Ultimate Alliance” that makes everything blow up on screen! It was awesome! The last game was Wolfeinstein: Young Blood. It ran surprisingly well, just like all Bethesda games on Switch. It’s a co-op first-person shooter game. Tomorrow, I’ll try Luigi’s Mansion 3!

June 12th: The Ride Continues

Another day in LA, another day at E3! The schedule today is Cyberpunk 2077, Luigi’s Mansion 3 and a little something different: the E3 Coliseum. The Coliseum is a show hosted by Geoff Keighley where they invite game developers to talk about the future of gaming and what’s next for certain studios and their games.

The very first thing I did right when the doors opened is go straight to the Cyberpunk 2077 booth. The wait was about 1 hour with a 30 minutes behind closed-doors presentation of the game. To summarize what I saw, it looks like it will play like Deus Ex a lot, but with vehicles, which is not necessarily a bad thing mind you! I hope the open-world aspect and the city hub will really bring this game to life. The game looked really nice by the way and they’ve nailed the cyberpunk aspect 100%!

The wait for Luigi’s Mansion 3 was about 2 hours. The game was very fun! Even though I haven’t played a lot of Luigi’s Mansion in a while, I picked up the controls pretty fast. The inclusion of Gooigi adds a new layer to the puzzles that is very interesting. I can’t wait to play more of it!

While heading to the E3 Coliseum, I stopped by the GameSpot BaseStation. They host some eSports events and even meet-and-greets with personalities. Then we headed to the Novo. I saw a glimpse of Midwinter Games’ new game as well as a live panel with Jablinski Games, the new YouTube phenomenon! Seeing Jack Black and the whole gang there was priceless, I had a great time. To end the night I ate at Kabuki. I had a great meal!

June 13th: The Final Day of E3

For the final day, the schedule was simple: let’s go visit some booths I didn’t visit yet, play Pokémon Sword & Shield and buy some last minute merchandise!

Pokémon Sword & Shield really surprised me! I expected the animations to look subpar, but they actually put a good amount of effort in them! The Dynamax ability allows one of your Pokémon to become gigantic for 3 turns! It also changes its moves. Use it at the right time to gain the upper edge in a battle! This adds a good amount of strategy to the battles.

I went to buy some merchandise before it was too late! The Funko phenomenon is huge, and it was no exception at E3! I bought some E3 2019 exclusive swag.

So that was my E3 this year. I’ve played A LOT more games than I expected. The amount of people there was a lot smaller than the last time I went 2 years ago. I enjoyed my time and I’m definitely planning on going back again, but this time with friends! This trip was important for me. I lived some hardships recently and this gave closure to some of my thoughts lately. I love games so much and this simply renewed my love for them. I’m not jaded enough to simply give up on them and the industry. See you next year E3!

June 14th: Hollywood & the Griffith Observatory

You simply cannot go to Los Angeles and not visit Hollywood! Hollywood is very big, so we focused on the important stuff: the Walk of Fame! You can walk on this road for a good hour or two and the sidewalks are filled with stars and their names on it! I’ve found Minnie Mouse, Eddie Murphy, Bob Marley, and even our boy Keanu Reeves!

Another nice place to visit there is the Chinese Theatre, where you can see the hands and feet of actors and actresses, and even Donal Duck’s if you’re interested! The movie to go at the time was Men in Black. On the other side there was the El Capitan Theatre where Aladdin was being showcased.

Many many souvenir shops are on the street. The most prominent one is probably La La Land. You can even buy little oscars!

I end the day with a visit to the Griffith Observatory. I’ve already went there 2 years ago, but this time I’ve actually stayed a little longer to see some of the shows in there. The one I saw was called “At the center of the universe” and talked about how we came to understand (or more like trying to understand) our universe. The show was very nice and informative. The view at night on the rooftop of the observatory was breathtaking, with the moon glowing with all its glory.

June 15th: Sunset Beach

The very last place I visit in Los Angeles is Santa Monica, more specifically the areas surrounding Venice Beach.

One of my favorite places to go eat breakfast in Santa Monica is Sunny Spot. The atmosphere in there is very hip and the food is good!

After that we take a little strall at Marina Del Rey. Many boats are anchored at the Marina and some people even live in these boats all year long. The shape of the marina looks like a bird with its wings opened!

Venice Canals is one of the most beautiful places in Venice. You can walk around the canal and see beautiful houses and flowers all around. There are even special boat tours if you’re into that!

Venice Beach is the main destination. This and Manhattan beach are the most popular beaches around. You can walk all the way to the end of Venice pier to get a view on the Pacific ocean as well as a skyline view of Santa Monica.

On the coast of the beach is the famous Venice Walk where many street entertainers can be found.

Santa Monica Pier is also another popular attraction in the area. Some attractions like a giant ferris wheel and rollercoasters can be found there, but my favorite is obviously the arcade!

The final destination is Santa Monica Downtown where you can find many shops and diners. I end the trip back at the pier to see the beautiful lights in the park.

This marks the end of my Los Angeles trip. I hope you’ve enjoyed following my travel logs and I cannot wait to come back next year! I’ll explore new areas of LA!