Last Thursday, April 12, the Video Games Live show happened in Montreal. As expected, it was amazing, but I was particularly more invested in this one because I actually participated in organizing a good part of it during most of last year!

In early September of 2017, I saw a call for help from the VGL team on social media. I joined the cause and decided to participate as a community organizer for the Video Games Live tour in Canada. I volunteered to be the team leader for the Montreal strike team. We were in charge of promoting the event and I had to coordinate the whole process with my friends Alex Snell and Tommy Tallarico.

A few months later, here we were at Théâtre St-Denis! On the day of the show, we got a “more than VIP” experience as we had to setup a few things for Tommy Tallarico and the team before the actual show happened! Our team had to setup the merchandise tables for example. We finally got to meet Tommy in person, which was an humbling experience for me personally as I’ve been a big fan of his work all my life!

We also got a surprise visit from Jason Paige, the original Pokémon theme song singer! He is the special guest for the Canadian tour this time around and just like Tommy, he’s an awesome guy! For dinner, some of the team members even got to eat with Tommy at Burger King. I mean, it can’t get more VIP than that!

With our “All Access” pass, we also got backstage privileges and got to see all of Tommy’s guitars!! He had a Spider-Man, Pikachu and even a Zelda guitar signed by Shigeru Miyamoto himself! We got to hear the music of Mega Man during short rehearsals to see if the sound, video and lights were performing as intended.

We also got access to Tommy’s lodge, in which we had to fill up some VIP exclusive merch bags. We also talked about more personal stuff and got to see demo videos of many of his previous work. It was really great to hear about Video Games Live’s debut and to realize how really down to earth and hard working Tommy is. It was all truly inspiring. I’ll remember those moments for a very long time!

A few hours before the show, we got to participate in what’s called the “VIP Experience.” Tommy and other guests come on stage to talk about the creation of the show and the reason why they keep doing what they do. It’s all about showing everyone that video game music is important and also to inspire people to share their art and passion about video games in general. I strongly believe that this is what makes this show one of the best out there as I share pretty much the same feelings about games as a whole.

The highlights of the show for me were the Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross suite and the encore with original Pokémon theme song singer, Jason Paige! There was such a great atmosphere in the room. What an incredible night it was! Here are videos highlighting these moments. You can find more on my personal YouTube page here:

After the show, there was the “Meet & Greet” with Tommy, Jason and conductor Bryan Deans. To commemorate the great night, we took a group photo, one last time. I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing you all again soon! Thanks again for everything, you’re all awesome!

-Nicolas “KEURQUE”