My Old Zelda Sprites Collection

Welcome to my old Zelda sprites collection! I made these a loooong time ago, when I was about 12-15 years old. That was also during the time that I was taking care of 2 The Legend of Zelda websites. Some of them were not that good when I look back today, but I remember having a lot of fun doing them. When I was about 12 years old, I used to hang around a message board called Zelda Fan Game Central to help with the development of a bunch of old Zelda fan games. The most promising one was called Ocarina of Time 2D. If I recall correctly, the creator left without saying a word and the development stopped there. That’s when I moved to the Nintendo NSider message boards, which obviously doesn’t exist anymore. I used to be very active in that community and shared a lot of my work there! We had weekly sprites competitions and such, it was good times!

I was also very involved in the Zelda fan games community and some of my sprites were used. You can even find some of my not really good (hehe) sprites at The Spriter’s Resource website, which is still alive today surprisingly. All of it was made with MS Paint, just because I liked the precision and the simplicity of the tool. Also, yes, my old online ID was “Master Link,” and it sounds as cringe worthy as you think!


Original Sprites:

Sprite Edits:

Ripped Sprites: